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How Do I Use These Genotypes And Phenotypes In A Dihybrid Cross?

From the Biology Forum:

How do I use these Genotypes and Phenotypes in a Dihybrid Cross? I need to use Rrtt and rrTt, but doesn't the Rrtt only give you three? I'm confused, please HELP!

Answer: Make a 4 by 4 square. Write RT, rT, Rt and rt on the top and left. Croos them and you will get 16 phenotypes and genotypes. The dominant is always R and T. This is tobe noted. \ For the image check: http://library.thinkquest.org/12022/l8c.gif

This Is About Negative Squared Numbers.....Yes I Know Its Sooooooo Confusing...?

From the Mathematics Forum:

This is about negative squared numbers.....yes I know its sooooooo confusing...? Ok I have a quick question that I hope yall can help me out with... Why is 4 squared writtin 4(little 2 above the 4..I can't type it sry) and -4 squared written in parenthesis (-4) (little 2 above the 4....) sry I know that is so confusing but I dont know how to type it out..if you have any questions that would help you solve this better then just ask me and I will try my best to help you out...Thank you so much..... Haley

Answer: if v dont write (-4)^2 then it may imply : -4^2= -16 (your calculator wud give u this value) (-4)^2 implies: (-4)*(-4)=16 -4^2 implies: -(4x4)=-16

Help! With A Biology Homework (Multiple Traits?)(Offspring?)?

From the Biology Forum:

HELP! With a biology homework (Multiple traits?)(offspring?)? My biology teacher gave me this homework: Cross smooth yellow seeds with genotype SSYY, with Wrinkled green seeds with Genotype ssyy. Find the offspring it have something realted with a 16 squares tablet

Answer: Draw out a table with 16 squares (4 squares by 4 squares). Write "SSYY" above the top four squares (one letter above each collumn) and write "ssyy" on the left side of the squares ( one letter beside each row). Then fill each box with whatever two letters are in that row and collumn.

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