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Details On Filipino Myths And Folklores?

From the Mythology & Folklore Forum:

Details on Filipino myths and folklores? I'm Filipino and I want to know more on Filipino myths and folklores besides impaktas. Kaka takot naman un impakta. (Impaktas are scary) Salamat! (Thanks!)

Answer: here are the popular folklores Tikbalang- Aswang- Mananaggal- Tiyanak- Kapre- Multo- ghosts "White Lady"- a ghost described as a woman dressed in white and bathed in white light "Black lady"- the opposite white lady Dwende/nuno sa punso- elves/goblins sirena- mermaid syokoy- mermen mangkukulam/mambabarang- witches and warlocks diwata- fairy bathala- ancient gods myths: Si Malakas at si Maganda Ang Alamat ni Maria Makiling

Please Tell Me Sites, Or Stories About Any Good Legends/Fairytales/Myths/Fables From The Philippines.?

From the Theater & Acting Forum:

Please tell me sites, or stories about any good Legends/Fairytales/Myths/Fables from the Philippines.? Any kind of narrative from the Philippines. :) I need some stories. Please teell me. :) Thanks.

Answer: dont get me started. There's lots and lots of mythical tales you can find in the Philippines. alamat ng pinya, how this little girl was turned into the fruit that is now called pineapple, alamat ng kasoy, makopa, ampalaya, and so on and on about other fruits or vegetables. And mythical creatures like the sarimanok, the legendary colored bird or bakunawa, the serpent dragon that belived to have caused eclipse. The tale of maria makiling, a lady who turned into a mountain and such. Hook up the net. my personal favorite is alamat ni maria makiling (the tale of maria makiling)

Hello Wattpad Philippines? Recommendations?

From the Philippines Forum:

Hello Wattpad Philippines? Recommendations? I just started reading stories in Wattpad. I just wanted to ask what are the best stories that I can read in wattpad? Must be a Filipino story?

Answer: Try reading "Ang alamat ni Maria Makiling" and "alamat ni malakas at maganda". Hope that helped

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