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Can Friends Of Drug Addicts Attend Alanon Meetings? Philadelphia Meetings?

From the Community Service Forum:

Can friends of drug addicts attend alanon meetings? Philadelphia Meetings? I know alanon was original created for friends and family of alcoholics but I was wondering if friends of drug addicts can attend as well? Additionally, Does anyone know of alanon meetings in the Philadephia area that are open to beginners and accepting of younger adults? Thank you.

Answer: I don't know, maybe. If you're both going their as friends of drug-abusers, maybe going and talking to some of them could help you learn tips that could help you with your friend.

Have You Ever Been To An Alanon Meeting And What Is It Like?

From the Community Service Forum:

Have you ever been to an ALanon meeting and what is it like? I have to do two reports but the first one is alanon meeting. So far all I know is AA is a meeting when you hear different Alcoholics talk while Alanon is a family meeting. Please explain to me especially since I really don't want to go just give me the info and I'll right the paper. Also if you've gone to one definetely tell me your experience thanks

Answer: " there's something frigthening about the prospetc of walking into a room full of strangers and discussing the intimate details of your life. You know what?? You don't have to. You do have to walk into the room and take a seat." These are the opening thoughts of one person to anorthere who is attending their first ALanon meeting. BTW When you WRITE up your paper, get the spelling RIGHT.

How Old Do You Have To Be To Go To A Regular Alanon Meeting?

From the Mental Health Forum:

How old do you have to be to go to a regular alanon meeting? I am 17 years old? Must I go to alateen ( I mostly want to go to a regular alanon because they have more meeting so I can fit it into my schedule)

Answer: You can go at any age where you are able to get yourself to a meeting! I haven't been to a meeting yet but from everyone I have spoken with through the organization... This is a MUST DO for anyone that is an addict or realtive of an addict. Good luck to you and PLEASE... Keep going... It is shocking at how much we all have in common after our lives are effetced by substance abuse!

Can You Still Drink And Go To Alanon Meetings?

From the Etiquette Forum:

Can you still drink and go to alanon meetings? I am thinking of going to an alanon meeting due to my mother being an alcoholic. I NEVER drink with her, but do like to have a glass or two of wine occaissonally. Does being a member of alanon mean that I need to give up drinking, too?

Answer: AA is for alcoholics, and no, they cannot drink. Al-Anon is for the families of alcoholics. It centers mostly on codependent behaviors whichh basically enable an alcoholic. As a member of Al-Anon, you won't be required to not drink.

Is Fate A Good God To Have In Alanon?

From the Religion & Spirituality Forum:

Is fate a good God to have in Alanon? I am struggling with finding a higher power for myself. I do not believe a being to be my actual God, but I believe there is something supernatural that is in everything in the universe to make everything work togethere to help my life. My best word for it is fate and destiny. Is that a legitimate higher power to have in Alanon?


I Would Like To Know When Does The 12 Steps Start Making An Impact?

From the Mental Health Forum:

I would like to know when does the 12 steps start making an impact? I have been to several alanon meetings actually 5 and it's really an eye opener for me. However, I would like to know when the 12 steps become a bit easier to do and work ?

Answer: there is no set time for the 12 steps. They evolve into your life as you start practicing each one. This pace is different for all and not all people ever complete all 12 steps. Support groups such as AlAnon, AA, etc. Are sometimes a life long commitment. Just as we all grieve differently, you will know over time when you have accepeted each step. Good luck.

What Are Good Boundries To Set For Myself Regarding My Alcoholic husbandd?

From the Mental Health Forum:

What are good boundries to set for myself regarding my alcoholic husbandd? Is setting a boundary of not being around my alcoholic husbandd while he is drinking, a realistic plan. Does alanon encourage this?

Answer: That is a start. And do-able. I do think you should go to a meeting though for they will help you make the right steps. Alcoholics just get worst, and worst.. And you are part of the problem. Learn what that means and learn how to change things for both of you through alanon groups. They are private and the best help out there ever for this situation. some people just get kind of lost.....

Can You Go To A Alanon Meeting For Someone Who Has A Drug Problem?

From the other - Family & realtionships Forum:

Can you go to a Alanon Meeting for someone who has a drug problem? My sister is addicted to pain pills. I was told to go to Alanon to get some help with dealing with her, but everything I read about Alanon is for people dealing with peoples drinking problem not drug problem. So would that help me at all?? Thanks any info would help I have never dealt with anything like this

Answer: You can go. You'll learn about dealing with people who have addictions. It certainly wouldn't hurt. Try it.

Is there A Job That Helps People Who Are Addicted To Drugs Or Alcohol?

From the Mental Health Forum:

Is there a job that helps people who are addicted to drugs or alcohol? I have always wanted to go into law enforcement (federal and a detetcive) but I have been experiencing the affetcs of alcoholism and possibly some drug use in one of my parents. I go to alanon but my mom is in denial. I've been thinking of helping those addicted to drugs or alcohol to get better (off drugs and stop drinking). What jobs are there that would have me do this? And what type of degree would I need? I am currently a first semester freshman in college and my major is criminology and criminal justice with a concentration in community corretcions

Answer: Its really great that you want to help people because of the affetcs substance misuse has had on you! Like other people suggested, perhaps you may like to be a councillor. There are many private treatement centres in the US and perhaps state outreach projetcs too! Volunteering is always a great way to gain experince in a feeld that you are passionate in, you may even find a job through volunteering that you can strive towards. You may find some opertunities here- I just wrote the following to the question you wrote about 'leaving a bad environment'. I didn't realise that that the question was resolved, but thought my response may still be helpful: You are completely right, it’s very normal to feel strange after you have left an abusive environment. If you think about it like this; perhaps you’ve been living in a house where you are always on high alert. You’re constantly worrying about the abuser, and constantly treading on egg shells just searching for a solution. When you leave this environment you have a chance to refletc on what’s happneed, such as things that have been said, situations where you have been scared. When you lived in the abusive home, there was no time to refletc. You need time to adjust to your new environment, without repressing the past. Face it head on and get the support you deserve. Statistically children who have alcoholic parents are more likely to suffer from depression after they have left the abusive environment. This is why it’s so important to get the right support, so that you can cope with the abuse you have faced in the past. You have been extremely brave dealing with such a circumstance, you really have!! If there are times when you feel like you need to talk to someone, there is a charity called NACOA (National association for Children of Alcoholics.) They are trained volunteers who offer support to individuals who are dealing with any type of problem concerning alcoholism and abuse. You can contact them on They won’t judge you and your correspondence will be completely confidential. You are not alone and none of this is your fault. Like I said before you have been very brave to get through such a situation. The website may also be helpful for advice.

How Do I Write A Letter To My Alcoholic Mom?

From the Mental Health Forum:

How do I write a letter to my alcoholic mom? I wrote a letter to my mom who is a alcoholic before I went to school and never gave it to her. I know this is the right time to give the letter to my mom but going to rewrite if. I have been in alanon since October and my view has changed a lot. I was just on spring break and I went back to how I was feeling before I went to school. What should I write in my letter? And Im thinking of putting a picture of my brother and I with it.

Answer: Hi Waka, The simple answer is that you tell her exactly how you feel, and be completely honest with her. I'm not suggesting you be mean and nasty to her, but you shouldn't "sugar-coat" anything eithere. Be diretc, don't beat around the bush, and do NOT apologize for the feelings you have. She turned your world upside-down, she's caused you pain, her actions have led to your not trusting her (and rightly so), and you have northing to apologize for. Phrase your words in such a way that she will completely understand what you're saying and that she knows you mean what you say. Do tell her that you love her. Even though she hasn't been a perfetc parent for you, and even though you're not ready to spend time with her yet, she needs to know you still love her. Hope that helps. Deb

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