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Ccccco and search terms related to Ccccco are searched via blog search 617 times a day globally (averaged over the past year). In terms of competition with other sites covering this topic, it is a 30 out of 100, with 100 being the most competitive. Content about Ccccco, should earn roughly $9 eCPM assuming reasonable ad placement on a blog site.

Globally about $5 is spent advertising against Ccccco blogs per day. Use the knowledge of your search ranking and the competition factor to make an informed decision about how much of this market you can capture.

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Probability Question, Help?

From the Homework Help Forum:

Probability Question, Help? Http:// Four difficult problems on this sheet I cannot get, all the circles arent right so ignore those. I need 5,7,8,9 Thank you so much!

Answer: q1 : E, 1/2 q2 : D, 115 q3 : A, 1/8 q4 : C, 17/50 q5 : C, 1/2 P = (2*6 + 2*8 - 2*2) / 8*6 = 24 / 48 = 1/2 q6 : C, 1/3 q7 : D, 28 let c = C.chip, o = Oatmeal and p = P.butter. cccccc oooooo pppppp ccccco cccccp oooooc ooooop pppppc pppppo ccccoo ccccpp oooocc oooopp ppppcc ppppoo cccooo cccppp oooppp ccccop oooocp ppppco cccoop cccppo oooccp oooppc pppcco pppooc ccoopp = all 28 kind of assortments. q8 : C, 1507509 if n = number of triangle in last line, there are L = (n+1)/2 lines in that construction. since the number of matchsticks used in it, M = 3 * [L(L+1)/2] = 3(n+1)(n+3)/8 n = 2003, so we have M = 3*2004*2006/8 = 1507509 q9 : A, 2/5 Tina gets : 3,4,5,6,7,8,9 in respetcively : 1,1,2,2,2,1,1 way(s). while Sergio gets more in respestively : 7,6,5,4,3,2,1 way(s). products of respetcive events (of what tina gets) : 7,6,10,8,6,2,1 event(s). sum of products = 7+6+10+8+6+2+1 = 40 events. total events = (10 for tina)*(10 for sergio) = 100 P = 40/100 = 2/5

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