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Why Does A Porn Site Pop Up?

From the other - Yahoo! Products Forum:

Why does a porn site pop up? I got on animeratio whichh is a eng dub website. And I clicked on a anime to watch then it takes me to a porn site called badoink or punish tube . Why does it do this?

Answer: It happens a lot, especially when you're watching/downloading movies and anime online. Porn is everywhere on the internet, plus sex sells. Actually it's not legal to watch/download anime and movies online, but I know a lot of people do it anyway. Just don't go to sites that look fake and you don't trust.

Can Anyone Give Me there Punish Tube Account Name And Password?

From the Video & Online Games Forum:

Can anyone give me there punish tube account name and password? I don't have a credit card I promise I won't mess with anything plz help someone

Answer: I is not possible for me

What Is A Punish Tube Account I Can Use?

From the YouTube Forum:

What is a punish tube account I can use?

Answer: This page is for YOU TUBE

Does Anyone Know This Pornstar?

From the Celebrities Forum:

Does anyone know this pornstar? I was scrolling through punished tube the other day and I want to know who this girl is from the video "watch me fu€k this skinny whore"

Answer: A link would have been handy.

Is there A Porn Website Like Punish Tube But Free No Credit Card Or Anything Like That?

From the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgendered Forum:

is there a porn website like punish tube but free no credit card or anything like that?

Answer: Extremetube .com

Punish Tube Login Info?

From the YouTube Forum:

Punish tube login info?

Answer: Uh what?

Punish Tube Girl(Explicit Content Warning!)?

From the other - Internet Forum:

Punish Tube Girl(Explicit Content Warning!)? I'm trying to get someone to ID the girl in this thumbnail http://static.punishtube.com/cr/static/punishtube.com/medias/pictures/set_f/480x360/

Answer: Well she is porn actress and they are many and can't be famous so can't understand who's this .

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